The Uncatechized, Bergoglio and Vatican II Popes

Uncatechized Roman Catholics and Antichrist Bergoglio and Vatican II Popes

Unchatechized Roman Catholics which are in the millions today, are lining up at the Gates of Hell with all the secularized souls of this world who thrive on apostasy, heresy and serious sins.

Why is this so? Because also thriving from the Chair of Peter with them is the Antichrist Pope Francis who neither catechizes his flock, the Church, nor his bishops and priests worldwide but continues unabated to advance the “humanistic pretensions of the secular world,” according to Fr. Vincent Miceli, S. J. one of the greatest scholars who has ever lived on the identities of the Antichrist in his awesome work “The Antichrist” published in the 1970’s. He says: “these humanistic pretensions of the secular world have been vastly exaggerated for Catholics and the development of a serious inferiority complex has reduced many of these Catholics to confessing cravenly and obsessively nothing but Catholic depravities, as if the Church, instead of being the Mystical Body of Christ, had been in fact all along the sacrilegious Body of the Antichrist.”

“These New Church Catholics had become scandalized over the Catholic Church’s allegedly instransigent, dogmatic, authoritarian, rigid, anti-Semitic, legalistic, Constantinian triumphant, Roman postures and policies. We have all heard these snide slogans flung against the Church as rocks for her stoning. Indeed, a fascination for the secular with a tendency toward the sacrilegious had already eroded the sense of the sacred in these ‘New Church’ Catholics.
And under the influence of this fatal sickness of their hypercritical even delirious, dialogue had reduced the number of conversions to the Faith significantly while increasing enormously the desertions of
Catholic priests, religious and laity to the world of unbelief.”

What has been the impetus of all this but the current Antichrist Pope who sits upon Peter’s Throne, the most unorthodox, the most divisive of all popes who never catechizes the faithful with the traditional faith of 2000 years. N0 TALK OF SIN, Esp. Sexual Sins, NECESSITY OF AVOIDING ALL SIN, MORTAL AND VENIAL, TO SAVE ONE’S SOUL, NO NEED FOR CONFESSION ANYMORE, NO NEED FOR PRACTICING THE VIRTUES TO SAVE ONE’S SOUL, PURITY, HOLINESS AND PIETY, FREQUENT MASS AND COMMUNION AND ITS NECESSITY TO SAVE ONE’S SOUL, STAYING IN A STATE OF GRACE, “THAT OUTSIDE THE CHURCH THERE IS NO SALVATION”, THE CELIBACY OF THE PRIESTHOOD and all the other doctrines of the faith, the Trinity, the Incarnation, the importance of the Cross and Sacrifice to save one’s soul, the Resurrection, and Ascension, and Pentecost, etc. etc.

This Antichrist Pope Bergoglio is the biggest advocate of Secularism and which is evident and visible , says Fr. Vincent Miceli, “when there are: “the serious divisions among Catholics on essential matters of faith and morals, errors concerning God, the historicity of the Gospels, the Real Presence, the Divinity of Christ, infallibility, the Resurrection, the nature of the Church and its salvational ministry and many, many others too numerous to mention ---all these have divided and mutilated the flock of Christ. “

We are reminded of St. Paul’s warning to the Thessalonians. “In the last days there will be an awful unparalleled outbreak of evil everywhere. This will be called the Great Apostasy.” “Fr. Vincent Miceli, S.J. continues: Does universal détente in the face of evil merely put the mask on what is today the Great Apostasy? At any rate St. Paul reminds us that in the midst of this general falling away a certain MAN OF SIN, HAVING THE MIAGE OF Satan and breathing hatred toward God and man, will suddenly appear!!! He will exercise frightening preternatural powers of destruction against the just. This Child of Perdition will be so special and singular an enemy of Christ that he will be call the Antichrist.

“For just as types of Christ went before Jesus, heralding His coming, so shadows of the Antichrist have already preceded Him, indeed are even now preceding Him, to prepare the way for His Coming, We recall the warning of St. John the Evangelist to the Christians of his day:

“Little Children, it is the last time ,even now there are many antichrists whereby we know it is the last time.” But compared to the Archantichrist, all forerunners of him were so many mini-antichrists. This Super Antichrist will orchestrate revolutions so expertly that the very framework of society will shatter into pieces under his wicked wand. In a stunningly evil way, he will knit together his totalitarian rule of heresy, sedition, revolution, schism, war----indeed of every evil movement----and hurl them effectively against the Church. Preceded by apostasy, conceived in apostasy, gestated in apostasy, born in apostasy and raised up to manhood in apostasy, the Man of Sin will come to total power through a general, universal apostasy. In other words,” says Miceli. “the Antichrist could never have existed except for the decision of the majority of persons in the East and West to apostatize from God and join the forces of atheism and secularism.”

Fr. Vincent Miceli, S. J. says in summation:

“Am I foolishly playing the prophet of gloom and doom?” (He wrote the “Antichrist” in the 1970’s) “ Are there no evidences to convince us that some such apostasy is being formed, gathering forces, gaining ground on us every day? It must be admitted that in the West the conflict between the children of the New Humanism and faithful is escalating in ferociousness. The spirit ruling in the great cities is avaricious, luxurious, self-dependent, irreligious, ungodly, falsely liberal and sacrilegious. In fact a specific madness of modern society is the assault on the sacred. “

This is Pope Francis the Antichrist who fulfills virtually all of these characteristics of the Antichrist, according to Fr. Vincent Miceli, S.J. Especially he never, never chatechizes the faith to Catholics , thus driving millions and millions of them into the jaws of hell with the secular world. This is the exact opposite of Jesus Christ Who catechized faithfully all of the sheep in His flock with the ultimate truths of the Catholic faith!!! Unlike priests everywhere today , bishops everywhere today who also fail to chatechize their flocks, and driving them off the cliffs like hireling shepherds which Our Dear Lord Himself condemned. If you are any one of these unchatechized Roman Catholics your soul is in great jeopardy for damnation. God save us!

Let us peruse closely now the kind of Catholic priests we see today, unholy, unCatholic, unorthodox priests by the 1000’s who are nothing more than ‘ecclesiastical functionaries’, who go through the motions of the priesthood but are not in any way ‘holy Catholic priests’.

When priests, bishops and popes fail to support these absolute teachings of the Divine Shepherd from the past (the perennial teachings and practices in liturgy and the Church’s teachings, they are not obeying the magisterial authority of the Church’s past, in whole or in part, and, therefore are not feeding the sheep of Christ’s flock!!! The new fashionable word “to dissent” for disobedience to the teaching authority or “Magisterium” of the Church has been in vogue for the last fifty years as though this were some kind of legitimate position to hold when one is being completely “heterodox”. The wholesale toleration by popes and bishops of this kind of sinful behavior has only aided and abetted the utter disobedience of “dissent” and decimation of the Catholic Church and its faith!

As a result, there has not been a truly orthodox and traditional papacy among the modern popes since Pope Pius XII. This is true because even with the likes of Pope Paul VI’s seemingly good defense of Catholic sexual morality with “Humanae Vitae”; he , nevertheless, abused orthodox Catholicism abysmally with his continuation of the Second Vatican Council with its false ecumenism and modernist teachings, the liturgical chaos and unsound liturgy of the New Mass, and his failure to quash the dissent---nearly universal, with “Humanae Vitae” by Catholic bishops, priests, and laity worldwide. The result of their insolent neglect of contradicting this encyclical, everywhere, by either ignoring it or dissenting with it, thus produced unhinged contraception in the 1960’s throughout the Church and world thereafter.

Especially noteworthy also, is Pope John XXIII’s Antichrist modernism from calling the Second Vatican Council and ignoring the wise counsel of Pope Pius XII who fought consistently throughout his papacy against all attempts to “to update the Church” and modernize it, an effort begun and encouraged boldly by some of the liberal prelates and their cohorts who were suggesting strongly such “modernistic” tendencies with Pope Pius XII but who were everywhere foiled during his papacy or reprimanded or condemned. This effort on the part of Pius XII was waged on every front of orthodox Catholicism where these infamous liberals and “modernists” attacked; with their attacks on doctrine and sacred Scripture, the liturgy, morality and catechesis, and especially Traditions within the faith. His heroic efforts were so evident with his 41 truly Catholic encyclicals, all in defense so strongly of orthodoxy and Tradition, more encyclicals Pius XII wrote than all the Conciliar popes together in the last 50 years!!!

Moreover, this liberal affront was non-stop throughout the papacy of John Paul II who dabbled in all kinds of ecumenical modernist “firsts” with visiting synagogues—never done by popes preceding him and ---kissing the Koran in public---a scandalous outrage, traveling the world to befriend other religions, rather than admonish and correct them for their blatant unorthodoxy and non-belief of the Truth, and all of this with his Assisi fiascoes of syncretistic melting pots of false religions praying together with Catholicism in truly ecumenical modernist insanity, while the Church sat quietly mute during John Paul II’s papacy regarding any defense of the one true, orthodox faith and its necessity for eternal salvation—a perennial doctrine of the faith for centuries. His devastation of liturgical orthodoxy with Communion-in the hand and altar girls, literally shook the clerical state to its very core and foundation from its formerly secure world of sacerdotal orthodoxy in liturgy and the Mass and the valid ministers of the most Holy Eucharist and its proper reverence.

While Benedict XVI did some thoroughly orthodox things such as restoring the Tridentine Mass to its former state of propitiatory propriety in liturgical matters, and making some necessary but not complete translation improvements on the “heterodox New Mass ‘’ , still he failed and failed miserably to say this glorious Mass of the Ages, the Tridentine Mass, even once, publicly, during his entire Papacy or enforce its application even minimally worldwide. Nor did Pope Benedict XVI move vigorously enough to regularize, totally, one of the only thoroughly orthodox bastions in the Church left: the Society of St. Pius X, that were still totally traditional, orthodox and faithful to the Magisteria, past and present!!!

Only Pope Pius XII thoroughly, consistenly, and authoritatively defended the Catholic tradition of orthodox Roman Catholicism in its totality throughout his Papacy. An example of this alone is his declaration on the doctrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary as an “ex cathedra” belief of the Church, and it was thus taught universally throughout the Church and believed and enforced as he commanded.

Here we sit now and mourn the unpunctual demise of Pope Benedict XVI’s papacy and the modernists “dues ex machine”: solution by elevating “Francis” to the papacy by a defiant, corrupt, and dissident hierarchy who consistently throughout Christendom of late have failed scandalously to preach, teach, and admonish sinners in their dioceses, either within the Church or without, on the traditional catechetical teachings of the Catholic Faith or the Church’s past magisterial teachings on such vital matters as the ---the sacrificial nature of the Mass and the most Holy Eucharist; the Sacrament of Penance and a sense of sin and repentance; proper pursuit of holiness and virtue and appropriate decorum for the Holy Eucharist in Churches by preserving reverence always for the Holy Eucharist with tabernacles, genuflecting, proper dress, and adoration; the avoiding of the abomination of Communion-in-the-hand and altar girls; and, lastly, instruction of sexual morality, pornography, abortion, sterilization, fornication, masturbation, sodomy, and pedophilia.

Instead of feeding the sheep of the Good Shepherd’s Flock in the last 50 years with orthodox Catholicism, these errant shepherds and hirelings—as Christ Himself called them---have helped the Atnichrist Wolf attack the flock, scatter it, and decimate its once very corpulent numbers as never before in history!!! With a new sense of religious and ecumenical freedom, the uninformed Catholics in the Church’s pews today have failed to live their faith because of their own largely culpable ignorance (St Thomas Aquinas has mused: “I cannot imagine a situation of ‘inculpable ignorance”, thus the faithful have not properly practiced the faith, nor have they lived its traditional moral teachings from the past, so they have therefore become the victims of the hierarchy’s malfeasance and serious sin from the papacy of Francis on down.

This brings us to Pope Francis who is not from the past tradition of orthodoxy among popes from Pius XII back, but a new breed of Vatican II modernist style pope who runs roughshod over tradition and orthodoxy, not acting with caution and prudence in word and deed, apparently, so that everything that he thinks, says, or does as pope is in complete accord with the Church’s Tradition and orthodoxy for the past 2000 years. For all practical purposes, Pope Francis appears to be the leading Antichrist pope, a demon unleashed, who dangerously conforms to the world in his teachings and praxis.

One of the most ominous predictions from the lips of the Great Bishop Fulton Sheen , just before his death, was the “clear danger of the Church conforming to the world in the next 100 years!” Sadly, we see this as prophetically coming true on the part of the Conciliar, modernist popes and bishops and priests of our own day, as prophesied by the late Bishop Fulton Sheen!!!!

A Catholic Church that is neither orthodox nor founded consistently and infallibly upon its past Traditions is not a holy Church, neither are its members nor its clergy. By failing to feed the flock with orthodox Roman Catholic catechesis, they now feed the sheep with goat’s food instead, and so we are fast approaching the times, if not already there, “of only a remnant surviving in grace” in the end, as the great apostle of all orthodoxy and Tradition, St. Paul himself taught so vehemently and explicitly, many , many centuries before our times!!!!

“May the darkness of sin and the night of heathenism vanish before the Light of the Word and the Spirit of Grace and may the Heart of Jesus live in the hearts of men, now and forever . Amen!”

J. Hughes Dunphy

“Eternal Father, we offer you the Body and Blood , Soul and Divinity of Thy dearly beloved Son Our Lord Jesus in all the tabernacles of the world in reparation for the sins of outrage, blasphemy, insult, indifference, coldness, lack of faith, hope and charity, blasphemy, sacrilege, unworthy communions, the abomination ofcommunion-in-the hand and all the infinite sacrileges against the Tridentine Mass in the last 60 years by popes, bishops, priests and people whereby He is offended and through the infinite merits of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, have mercy on us poor sinners” !!!