Defense of the Tridentine Latin Mass against Francis the Antichrist

Let us examine the Antichrist Francis and his deconstruction of the Catholic faith and his latest tactics of quashing the Tridentine Latin Mass, the Mass of the Ages.   Gone is Roman Catholic Orthodoxy with him and his minions, the bishops and priests of the day.   To accommodate the world, flesh, and devil is the route the demon sitting on Peter’s Throne currently is all about, along with his cooperators the bishops and priests w
ho all suffer from the clerical disease of COLLAR FEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
     This translates to their consummate  fear of standing up for the orthodox perennial truths of the Catholic faith for centuries because of their fear of losing their desired ecclesiastical position of their priesthood and their prestige, clerical affluence of the easy life.  Ultimately,  the perennial truths of the Catholic faith, especially today the traditional Mass of the ages, the august Tridentine Mass , are unimportant along with  enforcing no Communion in the hand,  and not teaching of Sin and with it the need for the faithful to practice frequent Confession. 
      This is the doctrine of Francis the Antichrist and all paid for clerics with their enviable worldly positions of living the high life in their rectories and Catholic Universities  and who adamantly and satanically refuse to teach Sin and the world’s consummation and love of it.
    And how does he do this Antichrist Francis and Collar Fever priests and bishops of the day?   The Fathers of the Church emphasize the corruption of the liturgy that will prevail at the last days!!! As the end draws nearer and nearer, the Church will be subjected to a fiercer, more diabolical persecution than any previously suffered.   There will be a cessation of all religious worship.  “They shall take away the daily sacrifice.”   Some Fathers interpret these words to mean that the Antichrist and his sychophantic minions will suppress for three and a half years all public religious worship.   Others remind us that the Antechrist will set up his throne within the Temple of God and demand worship of himself from his depraved followers.  This is  to quote Fr. Vincent Miceli and his Masterpiece on the “Antichrist” and further we quote the “Antichrist” which also states unequivocally:
   “Unfortunately, it has happened in our day; the liturgy ( New Mass of Vatican II)  is a sign of contradiction among Christians today;  for the Holy Mass (tridentine) that once united Christians now, with the new liturgy, fiercely divides Christians.   Many Catholics, because of the dilution of the sacred in the New liturgy, and the breezy manner in which many radical priests celebrate it, cannot attend such liturgies; for they find it morally impossible to have to endure the desacralized antics allowed by the liturgical storm troopers.  Hence they stay way!!!   Thus we see that, over and above the persecution of blood and death, there is even today a persecution of craftiness and subversion. (of suppressing Traditional Tridentine Mass of Ages).  The precursors of the Man of Sin are very effective in splitting up and dividing Christians or Catholics.   They are successful in dislodging many from the rock of salvation, in driving many into heresy and schism, depriving  them of their Christian liberty, strength, peace and their household in Christ.”  
     With the current pandemic of COLLAR FEVER (FEAR OF LOSING THEIR POSITION AS PRIESTS AND BISHOPS)  there is no difficulty of Diabolical Liberalism of Vatican II, and  the New Mass, along with  Ecumenism  which has won its day with dictator Francis the Antichrist, and will continue to do so.   God forbid the loss of souls underway now at the behest of Francis, the Antichrist and his pusillanimous legions of priests and bishops and even faithful!!!!
      Witness the Francis antichrist doctrine and all priests with COLLAR FEVER!!!  When we speak of the Antichrist and liberal priests and the Francis doctrine  as enemies of our salvation, we mean godless men who live in and accommodate the world.   It is of such that the Evangelist speaks, when he says “the world knew Him not: (John, I.  10 ) And again:  “If the world hate you, know you that it hath hated Me before you:  (John, xv. 18).  And “wonder not brethren, if the world hate you:  ( 1 John iii, 13), for “ the whole world is steeped in wickedness:  (1 John, v. 19), and “all that is in the world is the concupiscence of the flesh, and concupiscence of the eyes, and the pride of life.”  (1 John, 11.  16).
    The majority of men live a worldly life.  Their outlook is confined to this world.   Their desires are centered on the things of this world.   They ignore God and the teaching of Jesus Christ.    They have bodies, and, their bodies being chiefly in evidence, they give the chief care to their bodies, gratifying their every sense and bodily appetite.   They see round about them material things.   They aim at independence, power, wealth, reputation.  ( Collar Fever of Clerics afraid to lose their position from the antichrist Francis , the antichrist dictator!!!) 
    Thus the faithful and clerics are nothing  more than intellectual animals.   They have no use for self-denial, mortification, detachment, humility, chastity, all the tools of sanctity and the Cross of Jesus Christ.
     They are jovial companions among their own class.   They are such as we may conjecture the pagan poet Horace to have been.  He had his town house and his country villa;  his villa urbana  and villa rustica. He kept a good table, the affluence of society today with both clerics and faithful.   They are rarely without the choicest alcoholic beverages both wines and liquors and even mind altering pschotropic drugs, marijuana, and other such narcotic drugs, thus giving full vent to the HEDONISM of the DAY and indulging the boy and all its lusts!!!
    Many of the worldly today, including clerics and faithful, are well educate, witty, and popular among their own.   They easily succumb to their powerful liberal patrons, both politicians and the wealthy elite of the extreme LEFT.  How barbarous would the Gospel truths seem to the Horaces of the world and the roman empire after looking at his wonderful elegant odes in all their different meters!!!   What folly the Gospel teaching would seem to these with its insistence on RENUNCIATION, MEEKNESS, CHASTITY, LOVE OF ALL MEN, JOYfUll IN SUFFERING!   What a complete reversal of all the worldly philosophy of the day it would seem to be, as indeed it is!!!
     The number of Horaces and worldy in all ages is legion.   They are men and women of no religion, and of all religions.   They are found among Catholics too---those Catholic priest with COLLAR FEVER and faithful who do not take their religion seriously.   This worldly philosophy of accomodating the world is everywhere and encouraged everywhere by its demon advocate Francis the Antichrist!!!
      This worldly philosophy is everywhere.   It is an atmosphere in which we live.   It comes to be taken for granted.   There are very few who are untainted by it.   To prevent ourselves, orthodox Roman Catholics, from being saturated by it, we have to be continually reacting against it.   We must make ourselves familiar with the opposite philosophy—the philosophy of the Gospel.   We must see how the philosophy of the Gospel is translated into action by reading the LIVES OF THE SAINTS, and noting the examples of good men.   We must pray to be delivered from this WORLDLY SPIRIT, and we must cherish our spirit of adoption,  “for whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world”  (1 John, v.  4).
       “Our  Hope Is  In  Jesus Christ”
     My dear readers, our enemies without may be strong, and our enemies within may be treacherous and many.   But are we men of good will?   Do we wish to fight for Christ?   If we are willing to fight for Christ against the enemies of our salvation, then we must engage in the lifelong combat of the Cross with certain hope of victory.  
      Our Lord Jesus Christ teaches us how to resist temptation.   There is not a passion within us that cannot be overcome by His grace. And His graces are given in a never-ending stream to those who ask.   “ I can do all things in Him who strengtheneth me”  (Phil, iv. 13).   And how He encourages us in the struggle:  “To him that shall overcome I will give to sit with Me in My throne:  (Apoc. Iii. 21).   “He shall be clothed in white garments, and I will not blot out his name from  the book of life, and I will confess his name before My Father and before His angels”  (Apoc, iii. 5).  
      Further He tells us that our combat is His combat:   “In the world you shall have distress:  but have confidence, I have overcome the world”   (John, xvi. 23).  And Satan---the old serpent, the devil, the prince of this world, is already judged and cast out.   His proud head is forever crushed beneath the heel of a little maiden, THE IMMACULATE   MOTHER OF GOD.  
      And she loves us with a strong constant, tender love which has no equal outside the Sacred Heart of Our Lord.  
      Remember May’s words, the Mother of God:  
“I am the Mother of fair love, of knowledge, of fear and of holy hope;  “In Me is all Grace of the Way and the Truth; In Me is all hope of life and virtue!!!
      Pray devoutly with the Mother of God for her to crush the head of the Serpent, everywhere, especially in the Roman Catholic faith!!!!!!

             Defense  of  the Tridentine  Mass”
    It is time to defend the most holy Trdentine Mass of  the Ages in reminiscing with David’s Prayers and the Psalms and his words:   “Offer worthy sacrifice to God and do not worry.”     The whole problem with the “New Mass” is it is not an orthodox Roman Catholic sacrifice to God for sin but caters to the folly that there is no absolute truths of the faith that need defending anymore in the liturgy !!!   Above all the so-called sacrifice of the Mass offered to God in the “New Mass” fails to teach the absolute truth of “repentance for sin” that is so necessary for each soul for salvation. This is because it does not offer “worthy sacrifice to God for sin” as King David in the Old Law saw so necessary.    The priest in the Novus Ordo   “ New Mass”  can, Protestant style, offer any kind of Mass he wants, oblivious to the absolute catechetical truth of teaching “repentance for sin” to save one’s immortal soul.   Even the so-called Roman Canon fails miserably to be orthodox Roman Catholic worship to God “in repentance for sin” because it does not follow the centuries old rubrics of the Tridentine Latin Mass.   It is not in Latin, the priest does not wear Roman vestments, nor is the altar facing East, nor does the priest follow the traditional gestures of the Roman Canon in humble worship!!!   Only the traditional Latin Tridentine Mass does this so truly and so perfectly in offering “worthy sacrifice” to God for our sins!
       What is worthy sacrifice to God , the Novus Ordo “New Mass” that ignores sin and our culpability which allows the priest to choose the Mass prayers he wants or the absolutely “orthodox Roman Catholic Tridentine Mass” which everywhere in its supplications and prayers of the priest and people strives to repent for all sin?
      Let us examine clearly the fulfillment of David’s words to offer  “worthy sacrifice”;  from the foot of the altar, the priest prays a worthy “Confiteor” to confess his sins , then a second time this prayer is made by the servers and people for forgiveness for their sins.   Then most important of all, the priest of the Tridentine Mass only, not in the “New Mass”, asks God through his powers to forgive sins, to grant him and the people, “Pardon, Absolution, and Remission of their sins.”   So important a prayer to God for proper sacrifice to Him for our sins.    
      Asking God and my brothers and sisters to forgive sin is extremely misleading to the faithful as only God alone forgives sins.  Unmitigating the priest’s exlcusive power to forgive sins in God’s place is the correct orthodoxy of Catholicism for 2000 years of the Mass, as a holy sacrifice of Jesus Christ for our sins!
     The “Confiteor” of the Traditional Lain Mass does not pray to your brothers and sisters but begs God’s forgiveness through the hands of Mary, St. Michael, John the Baptist,  St. Peter and Paul and all the Saints to intercede to God for us, for our sins!  An entirely different prayer than the Novus Ordo   “New Mass”.
     The Priest officiating in full Roman Vestments rises up the steps of the altar with his back always towards the faithful attending Mass , begging that he present himself and the people before God Almighty with a “pure heart”;  again deleted by the Protestant and modernist “Novus Ordo , New Mass”!  And as the priest continues to step up to the altar he begs God Almighty that “by the merits of the Saints whose relics are here, and of all the Saints, that Thou would vouchsafe to forgive me all my sins.”   A very, very Catholic prayer, referencing the holy relics in every altar and its saintly relics to beg further pardon for our sins, and quite often the relics are of St. Joseph, the Blessed Virgin or some other significant saint;  again, absolutely missing from the non-salvific Protestant Novus Ordo New Mass, in order to not “offend” other religions like the Protestants and non-catholics who do not believe in Catholic Saints!
       Next, the priest and the people ask further pardon for their sins by praying the “Kyrie, kyrie, kyrie” or “Lord have mercy, lord have mercy, lord have mercy!”  This prayer is effective if and only if it comes from a “contrite and humble heart” which always evokes true sorrow for sin and arises and  comes from true compunction of heart!  As anyone who reads the Psalms, written by King David, knows that Almighty God only forgives sin from such a holy attitude, clearly explained in Psalm 50 or the famous “Miserere Psalm”.   God forgives no sin if it does not emanate from such a “contrite and humble heart”.   Even the “Gloria” of the Mass, surprisingly is a prayer in praise of God’s Glory and is so supplicating of God’s mercy for forgiveness of our sins in its aspirations, again and again!  “Lord Jesus Christ Who takes away the sins of the world , have mercy on us and hear our prayer!”
      Following this, the Priest during the Offertory of the Mass asks God’s pardon for his sins and the people by praying to Almighty God, to receive this stainless host, which I,  thine unworthy servant offer to Thee, my God, living and true, for mine “innumerable sins, offenses, and negligences, and for all here present;  as also for all faithful Christians, living and dead.”
     Again, this proper and prayerful true compunction of heart is not at all present or required in the “Novus Ordo”, New Mass, the Unsalvific “New Mass” from Vatican II and Pope Paul VI---the most disastrous and heretical Council of the Church in 2000 years!   God forbid!
     Then the officiating priest of the Tridentine Mass begs God at the Offertory  “to forgive his sins and all those present by “washing his hands among the innocent” and then he will continue “worthy” sacrifice at God’s altar.   And in this same prayer from Psalm XXV  of the Mass and with true contrition for his sins asks God to “not take away my soul with the wicked and with further “firm purpose of amendment for his sins and those of the people present prays, and assures God Almighty that “his feet have stood in the right way; in the Churches will he bless Thee, O Lord.”    How profound sacrifice, asking forgiveness for sin;  once more not at all present in the “unsalvific Novus Ordo Mass” which  fails totally to do this or make mandatory in its prayers!
       Following the Offertory prayers of “purification” of the priest’s hands and soul and the peoples comes the “ Suscipe Sancta Trinitas” prayer to the most Holy Trinity, an essential Catholic doctrine, begging Him to make this sacrifice for sin be efficacious because it recalls the “Passion, Resurrection, and Ascension” of Jesus Christ in His honor, and also  ( again very Catholic} of Mary, always a Virgin and John the Baptist and the holy apostles, Peter and Paul with all the saints (very Catholic) be profitable for their honor  and to the salvation of the priest officiating and all the faithful only because all the holy saints and the most Holy Trinity, shall intercede for the Salvation of the priest and the faithful in attendance!”
       Can you understand why this, one of the holiest of prayers in the Tridentine Latin Mass to beg Almighty God for forgiveness and Mercy from our sins in a “worthy sacrifice” for sin was extracted from the Protestant Novus Ordo “New Mass” of Paul VI and Vatican II?  
Again, to make it more amenable to the Liberal and heretical Cardinals and Bishops of Vatican II and not in accordance to the rubrics of the Perennial Mass of the Ages, the most holy Tridentine Mass;  established as “sacrosanct forever”  by Pope Pius V in the 16th century, along with his “anathema” for everyone who in his reign or thereafter, alter “a single word or rubric”---which Vatican II and the “New Mass crowd” of the Pope Paul VI and his main facilitator and most feckless , A. Bugnini totally ignored!
     Let us continue to clarify the “Unsalvific Nature or Sins” of the Novus Ordo fiasco with the Canon Prayers of the Tridentine Mass with the Preface Prayers to the Holy Trinity which exactly begs to “thank” the One God in Three divine persons correctly and which states in the prayer of “thanks” in confessing the true and eternal Godhead, “ discretion in powers, unity in essence and equality in majesty, may be adored.”   Once more not a necessity and virtually lacking in any of the common preface prayers,  created by Paul VI’s Mass in the 1960’s and A. Bugnini’s theatrics!
      Then the angels, Cherubim and Seraphim are implored, angels and archangels alike, to pray with us the holy “Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus” prayer---one of the few places the “Novus Ordo Missae” did not deviate from the Mass of the Ages!   Praise God Almighty!
                                        --  The Canon—
      The officiating priest then prays to Almighty God for the Church through the auspices of Jesus Christ (the most perfect High Priest” and Son of God and Lord)  that He would bless this oblation, the holy unspotted Sacrifice for all “orthodox, Catholic and apostolic believers and teachers of whom the pope is assumed to be one himself and continuing, the officiating priest then prays for the “redemption of the souls of all faithful offering up this sacrifice for their souls and their redemption.”
      This formula prayer in the Tridentine Latin Mass, has been eliminated virtually, from the Novus ordo and the next lengthy prayer, likewise, to Mary, the Virgin and Mother of God ( both doctrinal) and a list of the Saints, mainly apostles and first popes, to intercede in heaven for the priest and faithful at Mass through Christ the Lord!
       And, then, closing the prayers of the first part of the Canon of the Mass is the “Hanc Igitur” prayer asking God Almighty to make this sacrifice efficacious for the priest and faithful to keep their souls in Peace, and secure from Eternal damnation and to be numbered part of the “saved or elect”.
                    ---Institution of Christ’s Real Presence”
       Undoubtedly, one of the most deleterious, heretical and abominable and blasphemous acts of the “New Mass” was tinkering and arrogantly assaulting  Christ’s own words:   “This is the chalice of My blood of the New and Eternal Testament:  the Mystery of Faith; which shall be shed for “you” and for “many” for the remission of sins.”   The “New Mass” changed “many” to “all” ; thus creating verbiage and doctrinal crisis because the false wording of “all “ for the orthodox “Many” allows for the ‘Bugnini Bombshell’ of Modernism in the Church and its heretical doctrine of meaning in essence, that Christ died and His most Precious Blood” was shed that ‘everyone will be saved’ from its efficacy---non-catholics, Protestants, or any religion, Christian or not!
     This, of course, altering the word “many” for “all” gives credibility to the favorite Vatican II heretical teaching of the Antichrist that “outside the Church, there is salvation” which completely attacks the Perennial Teaching of 2000 years that “Outside the Church, there is no Salvation” or “Extra ecclesiam, Nulla Salvatio”!    God save us!
           ---Canon Part II---(After Consecration of Bread and Wine into the Body and Blood Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ)
       The priest officiating now prays that his sacrifice be as “pure” as the Old Law Priest Melchisedech and Abel’s “worthy” offerings to God!   Then, a prayerful inquiry to St. Michael the Archangel is then offered that all present praying may receive the fruits of this sacrifice unto eternal life!  All this in the Tridentine Latin Mass of the Ages!     Prayers for the faithful departed are included next by the priest and people to themselves.   Lastly, the Canon ends with the Prayer to God Almighty for your sinful servant who hopes in the multitude of God’s Mercy to be included with the list of Saints mentioned viz. John, Stephen, Barnabas, John, Ignatius, Alexander, Marcellinus, Peter, Felicity, Perpetua, Agatha, Lucy, Agnes, Caecelia, Anastasia and all Saints, not because of our merits, but Pardoning our offences, we beg to be included with these Saints!
      How Catholic this conclusion of the Canon with the prayers of Pardon for one’s sins and the officiating priest, which emphasizes that this Sacrifice is for sins and absolutely most efficacious because it is made “through Him (Jesus Christ) and with Him, and In Him in the unity of God  the Father Almighty, , in the unity of the Holy Ghost, all honor and glory!” 
     What a perfect sacrificial prayer for sin in the Tridentine Latin Mass of the Ages, but again not a necessity to pray even in the Roman Canon for this Canon is a viable option for the Novus Ordo Priest of the “New Mass”  and so virtually dropped from the “New Mass fiasco” of Vatican II and Paul VI!
    How blatant the heretical conclusion of the “New Mass” and its Unsalvific Negligence in not offering to God the final prayers of the Canon for one’s sins, but a big praise banquet , Protestant style, of feel good religion, touchy-feelly liberal Catholicism of the Priest and people with the happy-clappy sensitivities of the down-home folks, playing their guitars and singing their great Amen, three times, oblivious of sin, both priest and people!
                              ---Pater Noster---
        After the Canon, the priest and people pray together the Our Father as taught us by Christ for forgiveness of sin and a firm purpose of amendment and not to be led into unnecessary temptations by our own proclivities from the world, flesh, and devil; but only if  we fully repent can we be delivered from evil!
       Once more here this most significant of Prayers of the Mass works for forgiveness of sins, if we avoid all the unnecessary occasions of sinning, by true Repentance in our hearts and souls!
                                ---The Fractioning of the Host”
     The priest then officiating prays that all the faithful present and He avoid all past, present, or future sins through the intercession of Mary, the ever Virgin and Mother of God, (doctrinal) and St. Andrew, St. Peter, and all the Saints and God’s Mercy!   This beautiful prayer of detachment from all sin on our part by this prayer before receiving the Holy Eucharist---is prayed “through the same Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Three in the Unity of the Holy Ghost, God, World without end.  Amen      
        This holy prayer of Perfect Contrition for all sinning on our part is only in the Tridentine Mass; proving once more the total and utter validity of this Mass as a “worthy sacrifice for sin”   by priest and people, the Tridentine Mass of the Ages!!!
      The priest and faithful end these post canonical prayers
Begging Almighty God, that it be efficacious to life everlasting!
                                        ----Agnus Dei---
     “The Agnus Dei” prayers ensue, which beg God Almighty for forgiveness for our sins through Jesus Christ “Who takes away the sins of the world.”   Three times this prayer is repeated!
     After this, the three Communion Prayers are recited:   the first, for the church and the Mystical Body of Christ, to give it Peace and Unity, according to God’s Will!    This , of course, means not according to men’s will which “the Vatican II Church has totally made to be  Man’s Church, not God’s!   This is especially true with Antichrist Francis and what he is all about both pleasing and conforming to the world and not to God’s laws!
       The Second Eucharistic Prayer is to Jesus Christ by Priest and People which begs God’s forgiveness from all our sins and evils, and prays to Him to keep the Commandments of God, and never be separated from Him,  through the Most Holy Trinity “Who lives with the same God the Father, and the Holy Spirit, lives and reigns world without end. Amen
         This penitential prayer for Pardon, Absolution and Remission of all sin and any attachment to it prevails always and  only in the “Tridentine Latin Mass of the Ages”, again proving its Purity as “worthy sacrifice” for our sins, prayed by both Priest and People.  
      The Third and last Communion Prayer begs Almighty God that we not receive the Body and Blood of Christ, unworthily, for danger of “condemnation and judgment”, but by God’s Mercy be profitable to the safety and health of both Body and Soul!   This holy prayer to Jesus Christ, concludes with a supplication to the most Holy Trinity, (doctrinal) “Who with God, the Father, in the Unity of the Holy Ghost, livest and reignest, God, world without end. Amen!”
       Each one of these three Communion Prayers which are for proper prayerful disposition in preparation of soul by Priest and Faithful for reception of the Most Holy Eucharist,!    These three holiest of prayers prove absolutely, how the “Tridentine Latin Mass of the Ages” is Sin Sacrifice!   Where, in the Novus Ordo  “New Mass” are  any of these penitential prayers  even slightly given credence to?   Absolutely nowhere, nowhere, nowhere!   This catapults the entire “Novus Ordo “New Mass” into a state of chaos, as to its utter validity and efficacy as “worthy sacrifice” to God for sin,  no matter how sincere one’s intention during its unfolding may be!
       To show once more the Tridentine Mass’s total efficacy for sin before one receives the precious Body and Blood of Christ, both the priest and the people pray one more “Confiteor” prayer for sin, to make up for any distractions during Mass and our attention to the Holy Sacrifice of Jesus Christ to His Father for our sins!   This, again, with the Priest, who forgives sins for God in Confession (doctrine) prays to God that He forgive us and grant “pardon, absolution, and remission of our sins!”
        Once more this holy Confiteor, as well as its wording, is totally absent from the infamous “Novus Ordo “New Mass”!
                           ---The End of the Mass---
       This first Absolution Prayer, manifestly shows a firm purpose of amendment, prayed by priest and people, as well as a true contrition for our sins and not to sin anymore, by both priest and people!    
       “Grant, O Lord, that what we have taken with our mouth, we may receive with a pure mind; and that from a temporal gift it may become for us an eternal remedy.”
        The final propitiatory prayer for sin by priest and faithful is a most beautiful conclusion to these two Absolution Prayers by both priest and people: 
       “May Your Body, Lord, which I have received and Your Blood which I have drunk, cleave to my inmost parts, and grant that no stain of sin may remain in me, whom these pure and holy Sacraments have refreshed. Who live and reign, world without end. Amen.”
        Therefore, any orthodox Roman Catholic, or any Catholic for that matter,  can only believe in the Mass of the Ages, the Tridentine Latin Mass because it is a “worthy sin sacrifice” to God for sin ,  absolutely unlike the Protestant style ‘praise banquet service’ of the heretical Vatican II and Paul VI, himself, a mini-antichirst, who perpetrated and innovated it in 1965 when the Council ended!
      Absolutely and conclusively one cannot RISK HIS IMMORTAL SOUL to such worldly conformity of the philosophy of the day for the last 60 years of “ I’m OK; you’re OK; no right, no wrong; no religion, no God; no heaven, no hell; and no judgment and no Judge.”    Why?   Because in the Novus Ordo ‘New Mass’, there is no sin to worry about, pray about, or repent from!!!   In no way does this penitenial philosophy of the Tridentine Mass of the Ages prevail in this worldly theater of the “New Mass.”
      Therefore, the “New Mass’ validity” crumbles before the unadultered Purity of Repentance for Sin as a “worthy sacrifice to God for Sin”  as the  Tridentine Mass of the Ages does, so efficaciously, so prudently, so profoundly!!!
     In closing this explication of the Tridentine Mass of the Ages, which is a total “ truth bomb” to Francis the Antichrist who does not care an iota for, and who wants to Quash the so-called “ old Mass’ and has just dictated from the throne of Peter that  “no priest can say this Traditional Mass anywhere in Rome and all the churches of its diocese any longer.”   

      Let us thank God for the Holy Priests who lived and taught the truths of the faith in spite of “Collar Fever”, such as Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen!  Let us reflect on his holy words why “total repentance” of our sins is so absolutely necessary before we die!   Contemplate these holy words of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen:
       “What we all have to realize is that when we sin, we turn our back on God.   He does not turn His back on us.   If we are ever to see His face again, we must turn around, that isk, turn from sin.  That is what is meant by conversion.  “Turn ye to me, saith the Lord of hosts.” (Zech. 1:3)
       “God cannot save us without that conversion, if we die in our unrepentant sin, we are forever turned away from God.  Where the tree falls, there it lies.  (see Eccles. 11:3).There is no reversal of values after death.
     We cannot love sin during life and begin to loves virtue at death.   The joys of heaven are the continuance of the Christlike joys of earth.  We do not develop a new set of loves with our last breath.   We shall reap in eternity only what we sowed on earth.   If we loved sin, we shall reap corruption;  but we shall never gather grapes from thistles.  
     The justice of God is not separable from His goodness. If He were not just, He would not be good.   Because He is goodness, His justice pardons;  because He is justice, His goodness expiates.   The thief on the right saw the need of justice the moment he admitted, “We suffer justly”;  that is why immediately he felt the response of Goodness:  “ This day thou shalt be with Me in Paradise.”
      Then let not our presuming moderns who pile sin on sin think that they can insult God until their lease on life has run out and then expect an eternal lease on one of the Father’s mansions.  Did He who went to leaven by a Cross intend that you should go there by sinning!”
        “May the darkness of sin and the night of heathenism vanish before the Light of the Word and the Spirit of Grace.  And may the Heart of Jesus live in the hearts of men, now and forever. Amen. “
               J. Hughes Dunphy
    “Eternal Father, we offer Thee the Body and Blood and Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ in all the tabernacles of the world in reparation for the sins of blasphemy, sacrilege, unworthy Communions, lack of faith, hope, and charity, closing of tabernacles, removal of kneelers,  moving of tabernacles and the abomination of Communion in the Hand!  And the infinite egregious sins against the Holy Sacrifice of the Tridentine Mass in the last sixty years by Popes, Bishops, Priests and People be forgiven!   And may the  most Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary forgive us our sins!

Francis and the Time of the Antichrist


Nothing can be more distressing to devout and fervent Catholics than the papacy of Francis and these troubled times and that the two strike a common chord of frightening disharmony. There is no crystal clear view of the nature of these troublesome times and their meaning than Fr. Vincent Miceli’s book, entitled “The Antichrist” in which, amongst many other great clarifications of the Last Times, he writes: “Newman (Cardinal Newman of the 1900’s a great Anglican convert) consults Holy Scripture, the fathers of the Church and the great historical figures in order to describe events which will usher in the times of the Antichrist. The day of the Antichrist will not come until there is a great falling away from God, Christ and the Church. This frightful apostasy and the advent of the man of sin shall be prepared by “false prophets,” “false christs,” “the showing of signs and wonders,” “iniquity abounding,” and “love waxing cold” in the whole world. These signs will tell us that the day of the Lord is near, even at the doors, for the Antichrist comes immediately before the Second Coming of Christ. Two other great signs will herald the imminent coming of the Antichrist. There will be worldwide confusion and trouble, “great tribulation, such as was not from the beginning of the world until this time,” and this Gospel shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall come the end.”

That the Master and Bridegroom of us all may be so soon knocking for his servants to enter for the judgment ought to be the most obvious conclusion to draw from the warning signals that these times ominously suggest. Moreover, it is absolutely imperative that any Catholic serious about saving his soul must be cognizant of these signs of the arrival of the Antichrist and , especially, how these times and their signs of the Antichrist are immediately obvious in the papacy of Francis: his grossly unorthodox rule and false teaching and heresy, now blatantly obvious in “Amoris Laetitia” (see former article) from the Throne of Peter and never before witnessed so boldly than in Francis’

To be unaware of these signs, as large numbers of Catholics today are, is certainly very deleterious and could cost them their immortal souls and their salvation according to Fr. John Hardon S. J. One of Fr. John Hardon’s most often spoken truths whenever he taught to crowds the faith was: “Ordinary Catholics will not survive these times, only heroic, only extraordinary, holy Catholics will survive.” And Fr. Hardon always taught that an holy Catholic conscience was always a well-informed Catholic conscience.

And how do we know that uninformed Catholic consciences are most dangerous to our eternal salvation is so clear when one considers the earmarks of the times in which we live today are those very marks the Antichrist has let loose, and which ultimately have been unleashed by the devil himself to snare millions of souls. Moreover, Our Lord Himself warns of the danger of these times for uninformed Catholic consciences, as well as for even informed Catholic consciences, suggesting these times even of the Antichrist, when He said: “In the end there will be many false prophets who will lead many astray.”

In fact, nothing is more moving, and more stunning than the words of Fr. Vincent Miceli, S. J. in his awesome book of the “Antichrist” and how truly dangerous are these times in which we live with uninformed catholic consciences which are the very earmarks of the times of the Antichrist, when he himself wrote so poignantly in his book “The Antechrist” the following:

“The intention of Satan is to make a physical and spiritual wreckage of all God’s creation. He enlists men in that attempt by their lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life. The Bible tells us that Satan will be loosed in the last days and granted permission to accelerate his evil activity greatly until it reaches a crescendo in the appearance of his Commander-in-Chief of the armies of iniquity—the Antichrist –who will organize and eventually divide society for its final destruction. "

And Fr. Vincent Miceli continues so brilliantly in his analysis of these perilous times in his book “Antichrist” to souls:

“We are living in perhaps the most decadent, violent, faithless century in the history of mankind. It is a time of massive negativism of God, of Christ, of His Church. Moreover, the escalating armies of atheists do not, indeed cannot, remain neutral, apathetic or indifferent to Christ. Rather they zealously declare themselves openly in favor of Satan’s program for mankind, maintaining that his false teachings and diabolical deeds are more likely to guarantee man happiness in an earthly utopia than are the teachings and ways of Jesus Christ. That is why the earth is presently filled with activities and conditions that please Satan. He and his legions of demons help to establish spiritual wastelands everywhere with the aid of evil men. More than ever before has Satan become today “the god of the world.” The reason is that men, made in the image and likeness of God, have willingly corrupted themselves to resemble more the devils they now follow. They daily engage in strife, treachery, bloodshed, tyranny, violence, terrorism, crime, sexual licentiousness, perversion, abortion, euthanasia, drug addiction and wars in larger numbers than ever before. God has been supplanted as the center of man’s life by foreign gods. Men, in ever increasing numbers worship at the shrines of money, property, fame power, pleasure success, science. But whatever it is that takes first place in man’s life, that is his idol. And behind every idol man prostrates himself before stands Satan the author of idolatry. For whoever worships Mammon and his creaturely satellites, in effect is really worshipping Satan who hides behind all idols.”

How vehemently Our Divine Lord admonished all humanity of the extraordinary dangers in the times of the last days when He said:
“If I did not shorten those days even the Elect, if that were possible, would go astray, but I will shorten those days.”

In other words, there will be such a proliferation of evil in the last days, that he would have to shorten those days. Are not these the times of the Antichrist as St. Paul described them so clearly in Thessalonians II:2 because of the enormous growth of evil as a result of the Great Falling Away of Catholics in the last fifty years worldwide after which the Antichrist will appear according to Cardinal Newman? But St. Paul, from all this, wants no one to be deceived of the arrival of the Second Coming of Christ unless these events occur exactly in the order he predicts in Thessalonians II: 2.

Moreover, it is absolutely imp
erative that any Catholic, serious about saving his soul, must be cognizant of these signs of the Antichrist and furthermore how these signs are intimately wrapped up in the events of the Papacy of Francis: his blatantly unorthodox rule of the Catholic Church, his false teaching -- both actually and by neglect—and his heresy, now obvious in Amoris Laetitia (see former article), from the Throne of Peter. To be unaware of these signs, as large numbers of Catholics apparently today are, could be very deleterious to their souls if not cost them their eternal salvation, according to Fr John Hardon, one of the most prolific of Catholic catechists in the last sixty years. One of Fr. John Hardon’s most frequently unspoken truths was the following, whenever he gave conferences: “Ordinary Catholics will not survive these times, only heroic, only extraordinary, holy Catholics will survive.”

And according to Fr. John Hardon a sign of an ordinary Catholic would surely be an “uninformed Catholic conscience.” And how do we know that uninformed Catholic consciences are most dangerous to our eternal salvation, especially, if one considers the earmarks of the times of the Antichrist in which we apparently live? Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself warns of these evil times and their proliferation of wickedness when He taught “ that in the end there will be many false prophets who will lead many astray.” All of these false prophets are either working for Our Lord Jesus Christ or for the Antichrist in the end. There is no half way, part of this and that, for Christ said most matter-of-factly and clearly that “you are either for Me or against Me!” Or in practical terms you are either the facilitator of Christ or of the Antichrist.

Let us examine now most closely the characteristics of the times of the Antichrist which are the following and which are seemingly everywhere: in the Catholic Church, other Christian religions, other false religions and cults, or completely outside the Church. These characteristics of the Antichrist are the following: “There’s no right, no wrong, no religion, no god, no heaven, no hell, no judgment, no judge.” In other words, we live in an age with the complete death of conscience, all properly informed Catholic consciences, or even the possibility of salvation, but rarely now, in the Catholic Church.

For example, there being no moral rectitude anymore likewise means there is, by the same token, no sin, and no need to confess one’s sins nor any need of priests, bishops, or the pope to talk of sin anymore, for it is totally false. And it is interesting to note that we no longer hear from Catholic pulpits priests expounding on serious moral depravities, in particular, of a sexual nature: “contraception, abortion, adultery, cohabitation before marriage or fornication, immodest attire, masturbation, homosexuality, pedophilia, pornography, prurient movies, books, and magazines etc. Or do you even hear them teaching on sin and virtue and the need to confess?”

In short there is no sin, no self-denial, just self affirmation—email your friend and he will reciprocate and tell you how wonderful you are of a person, or shop on Sunday to lift someone’s spirits or your own, just live by the gospel of false charity. The gospel of repentance is a thing of the past for you have your joy now, your fill, your happiness in the gospel of plenty where there is no mourning now, no detachment, simply no penance. This is the exact opposite of Christ’s words: "Woe to you who are well-fed now, for you shall be hungry. Woe to you who laugh now, for you shall mourn and weep. ( Luke 6:25 )

If there is no sin, no guilt, no conscience that is kept aware of what’s right and wrong at all times, then it follows there is no contrite and humble hearts necessary that need to offer worthy sacrifice for their sin daily or weekly; in other words you therefore easily become a lukewarm Catholic or a modern pagan who shops on Sunday or does sports without Church, a follower of the Antichrist. Then no one needs God to sacrifice for his sin by His divine sacrificial death, but the Mass instead becomes a meal or a banquet and no sacrifice for sin. If this is true then God loves everyone and we are all as a result going to heaven, no matter what religion you practice, because there is no such thing as sin or any need whatsoever for repentance. This is especially true in the new Mass and and its outward worship which contradicts all the teaching of the Tridentine Mass from the past with its intense sorrow for sin , and a Mass which further demanded a heartfelt repentance and a contrite heart through the centuries before the new mass was ever created. No longer is this the case. The priest and people used to beg God at the Offertory of the old Mass for forgiveness for their “numerous sins, offences, and negligences.” Not any more!

Now we offer up with the priest in the new mass the bread and wine from the grain of the land and the fruit of the vine. Nothing about sin—one’s unworthiness and therefore the extraordinary need for worthy sacrifice to God
“for forgiveness of sin through Jesus Christ, the First Priest and Innocent Saving Victim, the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world.”

Without the lowly attitude of a
“humble and contrite heart” before God in the Mass, no worthy sacrifice or meaningful sin sacrifice is offered to God for the salvation of our souls, but simply a protestant praise banquet or love banquet instead is offered in place of the centuries old Catholic Tridentiine Mass.

In fact, so utterly important to worthy sacrifice to God is this proper attitude at the Sacrifice of the Mass, of possessing a humble and contrite heart. This is essential.

Contrite because this indicates one’s necessary sorrow for sin, not only present sin but past sins for which reparation is desperately needed to be offered, in order to avoid the flames of purgatory or , indeed, a humble and contrite heart because of all past mortal sins forgiven but for the reparation still due! Certainly and most obviously we need to have a general sorrow and repentance for our past sins in order to receive any benefit from the sacrifice of Christ immediately consummated in the Mass we are presently attending to offer any kind of worthy sacrifice.

It is this denial of sins which is so obvious in the new Mass that is so offensive to God for He forgives no sin of servants without a humble and contrite heart. A contrite heart is one always sorrowful for its sin and which is always cognizant of its present sinning, especially, but also of its past offenses.

Too many, many so called Catholics today have no sense of sin and so their presence at Mass is virtually meaningless. In short, they have been overcome by a lukewarm spirituality, a malaise perpetrated by the Antichrist in these apparently frightening times of the Antichrist.

All this attitude of lacking proper contriteness and humility for our sin comes from lack of Confession, denial of sin, pride, and becoming, from this, a servant of the Antichrist. Without a contrite and humble heart, we are lost. Without a constantly contrite and humble heart, we become servants of sin and the Antichrist.

Since the Mass is entirely and totally a propitiatory sacrifice for our sins by the offering of Jesus Christ to his Father, it depends in every way upon a repentant and contrite heart of each participant, especially the priest for there to be a beneficial and worthy sacrifice. Because so few, precious few, Catholics, as well as their priests, attend Mass today with a properly contrite and humble heart, very few Masses therefore are properly propitiatory by its participants. In short, the infamous lukewarm Catholicism of the New Mass, has created so many, many agents of the Antichrist in today’s sacred Catholic worship service, the New Mass, because so few, if any, are repentant for sin, and therefore, participate in Holy Mass efficaciously.

But if the Mass or the New Mass is to produce its proper effect, it is absolutely necessary that our hearts be properly disposed to receive these graces as well as the Mass’s effect. Consequently, this explains why the warning of St. Paul the Apostle is so utterly serious for anyone receiving the Holy Eucharist, when he says:
“But let a man first prove himself, and then let him eat of this bread and drink of the chalice.” And “proving himself” to St. Paul means coming to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass worthily and with a humble and contrite heart.” This also explains why St Paul further says in Corinithians that “anyone who eats and drinks the Body and Blood of Christ unworthily, eats and drinks his own damnation.”

In these most dangerous times, according to Fr. Vincent Miceli, S.J., we must be aware how important the Sacrifice of the Cross, the Mass, is to one’s eternal Salvation. To not be aware of the Cross and love Christ’s Divine Sacrifice properly, one will receive the anathema of Jesus Christ Himself Who rebuked Peter himself, his first Apostle, for trying to stop Him from going to His Own Crucifixion to save the world from its sin, with these prophetic words: “Thou savorest not the things that are of God, but of man.” And this to all who resist adopting a “contrite and humble heart” at every Mass we attend.

“Francis and the Time of the Antichrist”