Sodomy Blessed

Bergoglio the accursed antichrist has just ok'd the hellish sin of homosexuality and the blasphemous and sacrilegious blessing
of priests upon the abomination!   God save us!!! 
Priests who bless such filthy perversity commit the act of blasphemy of the Most Holy Name of God and sacrilege and condemn themselves as priests and bishops to hell fire, if unrepentant, for eternity and those 
who knowingly receive such blessings!!
How can a faithful Roman Catholic submit their souls to such atrocious behavior, for even at mass and the other seven sacraments 
become null and void on the part of the priest, if done in willful mortal sin!! All of this, following the deceit of the antichrist Bergoglio as we as his henchmen, all modernists, who are perverse cardinals, bishops,and priests who underwrite this abomination.  Does not such a sacrilege jeopardize the validity and legitimacy of their priesthood and all its duties for performing these acts in a state of mortal sin because of these infamous and diabolic blessing of homosexuals?
And does this not make all their Masses and Sacraments and Confessions and the Consecration of the Holy Eucharist invalid and
sinful?  Who can forgive such an abomination?   
Of course, this sacrilegious act of Bergoglio, the antichrist, is heinous calling evil, good and failing to say what is right and wrong
and teaching in effect there is no heaven or hell, religion or God, and no judgment or judge to worry about!!!
Let us look now, closely, the results of this evil turpitude of the antichrist Bergoglio on what it shall render to all souls and his also for precipitation this blasphemy of God and sacrilege on the Body of Christ and for not teaching the absolute importance of the holy virtue of purity in the Great theologian and St. Alphonus Ligouri!!!